Yurt Camping at Champoeg Park


We decided to go camping in November.  Not recommended often in the NW because of the rain!  To counter that, we decided to rent a yurt in Champoeg Park.  What is a yurt you ask?  A yurt is sort of a canvas cabin.


Inside there are beds, a table, a heater and electricity.  (However, the heater is not very powerful.  If you go when temps are at freezing, bring a small electric space heater!)  It was comfy and cozy during the day – but mighty cold at night. Glad we brought lots of blankets!


Fortunately there was no rain.  We did all our cooking over an open flame – and there is nothing better than coffee over a fire in the morning!


The park is great.  There are really beautiful hiking trails and it runs up against the Willamette River.  There are also biking trails.  The park is a favorite of many bikers and the trail runs right along the river.


There is also a lot of history.  We visited the gift shop/museum/country store while we were there.  Champoeg was a town established by trappers in the area.  Many of the men were French Canadian that had taken on native wives.  It was believed the Indian women were more prepared for the hardships of the area than the pampered white women, so they men chose to marry women more suitable to the lifestyle.  Read more on their blog.


The price was right ($40 a night) and the scenery was beautiful.



Will do it again – but in the late Spring when the weather is warmer!


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