Tiered Plate Tutorial – Just in time for the 4th!



Well, I had this really great little video that showed me putting this plate together –  My first video tutorial.  I edited it and made it all just perfect and…..

It was too big to upload.  Darn!  So here is just a simple explanation.  It isn’t really hard.

You need –  a plate or plates, a taper candle holder for each layer or cup, and strong glue.  My sister made me this great three tiered plate last 4th of July.

IMG_7307 IMG_7308





She purchase the plates from the goodwill and the stems are taper candle holders from the dollar store.   Notice the coordination of the red plate below the blue and white plate and the top, a commemorative plate with a flag and an eagle – a perfect combination for a patriotic holiday!

Put plenty of glue on either end of the candle holder (I use E6000 glue, but 529 is also good.  You can get them both at Michael’s).  Place the plate firmly onto the candle holder and let the glue dry.  Both of the glues I suggested will set within an hour but take 24 – 48 hours to fully cure.  I recommend hand washing the items.  They might hold up in the dishwasher, but why risk it.

The glasses you see are made with pint mason jars glued onto the candle holder.  They are a fun way to celebrate outdoors.  To make them for the 4th of July, I rolled napkins and tied them with the star spangled wire you can get at most craft stores and the dollar tree.  Then I put them into the glass, ready for guests to use.









The video (that I can’t show you) had me demonstrating how to make a single stemmed serving plate.  I picked up the plate and the candle holder at the dollar tree.     IMG_7310

You can see in this photo how the plate sits on the top of the hold.  On this one I glued a saucer from a cup and saucer set (the cup long since broken) to add a little more stability to the plate.  Then I wrapped the wire garland on the bottom to decorate it for the 4th of July.  But this red plate will work for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or just any day of the week!

Watch yard sales, visit second hand store (I love second hand stores), frequent the Goodwill, and collect odd plate and cups to glue onto candle holders, making your own unique serving dishes!    IMG_7309






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8 Responses to Tiered Plate Tutorial – Just in time for the 4th!

  1. Boy am I ever slow to get here. This is just nifty, I made a stacked plate and use it for cosmetics now. I like the colors of yours!!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Hope you have a great week!

  2. kelly says:

    Hi!!! Just discovered you on a blog-hop. I’ve seen this done before but you make it sound so easy!!! I’ll be scoping out second hand shops, flea markets and our Good-Will. Thanks!!!! (I’ll be back later to explore further….)

  3. Bobbi says:

    These are so cute and handy. I made a 3 tiered plate stand myself.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jhanis says:

    Such a great idea! easy way to make a simple party look fancier! and I love second hand stores too! I have a collection of plates and cups! My mom is telling me that I am wasting space at home because of my collection. I say not! LOL
    Thanks for sharing this at the Whatever Wednesday Blog hop!

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