There’s no place like home…

I’ve spent the last five days in Sunny California visiting an old and very dear friend.  We had a wonderful time together.


Huntington Beach pier

We stayed at a resort in Temecula wine country.20140719_082809

We went to the Orange County fair and the Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival.  We shopped and ate and walked and talked – it was wonderful – 

But except for the carefully manicured vineyards 20140719_082556   and front lawns, the landscape was barren and brown.



 As the plane got closer to the Portland airport, I could see Mount Hood 20140721_172410and Mount Rainier.  I could see green on the ground below.  And I was home!






And here I am, back on my own little couch, surrounded by my cats (hubby is still sleeping as it is 5:30am), and content with my lot in life.   

Sid - one of four cats

Sid – one of four cats

There is no place like home.


About Helen Fern

I live in the upper Willamette Valley with my amazing husband and four very spoiled cats - three adopted feral cats and one shelter baby. We have lived here since the dawn of 1991 and love every inch of the region.
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6 Responses to There’s no place like home…

  1. Marie says:

    Hopped here from Wake Up Wednesday. Followed on bloglovin’ and by email. Love your writing style. Blessings to you and yours!

    Marie @ &

  2. Hello there! ha! I love your post 🙂 no place like home.. that’s how I feel too.. well, I love California though 😉

  3. kelly says:

    home is where the heart is……

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