The Teal Pumpkin Project

Halloween is the month of costumes and candy.  It’s an exciting time for kids of all ages – and going door to door is part of the fun.   But what about the kids that have food allergies?  And the parents that are afraid of the off-chance their child might get something that has been tampered with?  It’s not a fun thought, but in our current culture, it’s a reality.   Well here is a great way for ALL children to participate in the fun!  The Teal Pumpkin Project! 


Want to know more? 

This will be my third year of not handing out anything edible.  I hit the dollar store and buy packages of various toys – gliders, bracelets, glow sticks, etc.  Pencils are a great idea too!  You can also go to websites like Oriental Trading Company that sells items in bulk at a great price!


Kids like it.  Parents like it.  And it is a safe way to celebrate the excitement of Halloween!  Who’s in with me?


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I live in the upper Willamette Valley with my amazing husband and four very spoiled cats - three adopted feral cats and one shelter baby. We have lived here since the dawn of 1991 and love every inch of the region.
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4 Responses to The Teal Pumpkin Project

  1. Sahana says:

    I actually like the idea of Teal pumpkin project. I am planning on non-candy goodies this time. Thank you for linking up with us at #HomeMattersParty. See you again next week.

  2. Julie Syl Pit Stop Crew says:

    I never looked at things this way, for the kids with allergies it must be a painfuk time to see their friends going trick r treating and eating all kinds of candy and peanut and pumpkin goodies they cant touch!
    Thanks for sharing at the Pit stop

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