the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

While my daughter and grandson were here we visited OMSI (the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry).  The featured exhibit was the science of animation.  A pretty fun and interactive section of the museum.

IMG_9520-2 IMG_9518








The turbo room has labs and other hands on experiments for children (that also delight the adults).  No one in our group was bold enough to touch the van der graff generator, but my grandson found other things that caught his interest.


the air blasts made the paper cones fly!


The second floor offered an area just for kids to explore – a “beach” of glittery sand, a tree house that offered the opportunity to explore simple machines (like pulleys) and an area about animals and hibernation.


The squirrel house!


Using a pulley to bring things up to the tree house and down to the ground!







We also took a tour of the USS Blueback Submarine.  The tour guide gave a lot of technical information, and some pretty fun facts – Did you know that all the food in the sub was stacked in the walkways?  The sailors walked, hunched over, across the tops of the boxes.  By the end of the trip, the boxes were gone and the sailors could walk upright.  They literally ate their way to the deck!  IMG_9475



Wow! Sitting at one of the control panels!


the “screw” (propeller) on display outside as you walk to the sub


Periscope up!


The torpedo room

























Inside one of the control panels – a little humor

Admission to the museum is only $2 on the first Sunday of every month! The sub, planetarium and theater are also reduced to $5 per person!



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