The Bravest Family I Know


Ava was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 8 years old.  Her mom and dad privately cried and agonized over the diagnoses, worried about what life would hold for their young daughter.  But Ava, like her mom and dad, takes life the way it’s dealt.  Within days she was not only testing her own blood, but giving herself her insulin injections.  Don’t get me wrong – it was tough – for all of them.  And her little sister never had to cope with being pushed back into the sidelines.  She was always a part of the plan – a family plan – to deal with Ava’s disease.  This is the bravest family I know ..


This is Ava

And here they are – two years later – still dealing, still learning and still coping with the fears – but doing it in such a positive way that they inspire everyone around them!


Our team!

The JDRF walk for the cure raised $264,986.07 (just $31K under goal if you’d like to help).  And there were A LOT of people out to raise awareness for the cause.


Loved the name of this team!!









About 80 people A DAY are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, most of them children.  Let’s all get out there an push for a cure!


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