Reenacting the Civil War

We visited one of the Northwest Civil War Council’s reenactment events yesterday.  It is a fairly accurate depiction of that time in history.  IMG_2832

The battles are intensely real and

emotionally charged.  It didn’t seem to matter whose side you were on, seeing children on the field dying and feeling the fear of the young men, and yes, women.  It is a dramatic event.  No one really dies, but you feel the emotions none the less, and you come away with a different perspective on the sacrifices that were made in this war. 

IMG_2999 IMG_2948sf IMG_2870 IMG_2845






The artillery is actually used and fired – although I’m not entirely sure they use real cannon balls.

IMG_7736 IMG_7734-s



 The tents range from primitive to very elaborate and are pretty accurate in how the people set up camp.    


The costumes are accurate representations of the period and painstakingly created by the participants.

IMG_7770-s IMG_7778 IMG_7775 IMG_7773



IMG_7731 IMG_7729 IMG_3106 IMG_2782 IMG_2682 IMG_2669 IMG_2667

If you ever have an opportunity to visit one of these events, I encourage you to do so.  Plan on staying awhile – visit the tents, witness a battle.  Your perspective will be forever altered.


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