Portland Rose Festival – 100th Anniversary!

The Portland Rose Festival – A summer event that has been going on for 100 years!  It started as a way for draw attention to the city as the place to go for summer fun – and it continues with over

It started two weeks ago, but you’ve got one more week to go check it out!

Fleet week starts June 7 and goes until June 11 – A variety of military vessels arrive on the waterfront for your viewing.  Check the schedule here to see what ships will be docked on what day!  

The Spring Rose show happens at the Lloyd Center on June 8 & 9 – and it’s Free!!

City Fair, where the music plays, the rides run and all kinds of other fun are happening!  This is the last weekend (June 9-11) so make sure you get out and go play!

And THIS Saturday (June 10) is the Grand Floral parade!  If you’ve never been, I really recommend you check it out!  It’s beautiful and a lot of fun!  It does get crowded – more than 500,000 people line the streets of the 4 mile parade route!

Here are a couple of photos from parades past –

Saturday and Sunday are the Dragon Boat Races – really fun to watch and wonderful boats!  No pictures again, so you’ll just have to go see them!

You have one more week of fun left, so head on over to Downtown Portland and check it all out!

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  1. Teresa says:

    Sounds like great fun, thank you for sharing!

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