Oregon Coast – Tillamook to Lincoln City


My daughter and grandson were here from Kansas a couple of weeks ago.  Brayden had never seen the ocean before, so our plan was to give him his fill!!   We left the upper Willamette Valley after breakfast and headed off to Tillamook.

First stop, the Tillamook Air Museum.  Housed in Hangar B, this museum holds artifacts and a variety of air and ground vehicles from the past, including an remnant of the Hindenburg.   In 1942, the US Navy built 17 hangars for K-Class airships.  The K-Class Airship was a “blimp” – a large balloon filled with helium that patrolled the local waters.   There are some great exhibits within its walls.  It’s cold inside, so remember to wear your jacket!










We jogged up a little to the North to the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  Sadly, the visitor center is being remodeled and the temporary site is not as interesting as the original.  There is a small “farm” exhibit as you enter the tasting / shop area.  You can’t actually see the inside of the factory at this time.  They do still sell the amazing ice cream!!  My grandson has a rather large cone filled with Oregon Strawberry ice cream.  Just yum!

Moving on down to Pacific City, we stopped at Pelican Brewing for lunch.  Brayden jumped out of the car exclaiming, “Look at it mom!!  It’s the beach!!  It’s AWESOME.”  While we waited for our Poke, beers and sandwiches to be delivered to the table, Erin and Brayden went out to walk the beach and roll in the sand.  It was fun to watch!

REALLY good poke!

And then to the final destination – The Looking Glass Inn in the Historic Taft District of Lincoln City.  Sitting right across the street from Siletz Bay and just a block away from my favorite restaurant, Tikis, our two bedroom suite was perfect for us!  And the price was even better!!  Since it was off season, the price was lower than summer, but we paid just a little over $100 a night!  And they LOVE dogs!





We tried Mo’s Chowder house on the bay.  Although I don’t like writing negative reviews, I highly suggest you stick with Tikis for your chowder and beverages.

Tiki’s has the best LONG hot dogs as well as chowder, fish tacos, fish sandwiches and burgers!

One day we played at the Outlet stores and found a great rock and fossil shop called Prehistoric that really treated my grandson well.  They pointed out interesting fossils and rocks and told him the history and scientific information.  Brayden was enthralled!

And we walked on the beach to gather agates.

We discovered Robert’s Bookshop – a used book store that is literally a full block!

One room in the bookstore was the fuselage of a plane!










The worst part of the trip?  Going home!


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I live in the upper Willamette Valley with my amazing husband and four very spoiled cats - three adopted feral cats and one shelter baby. We have lived here since the dawn of 1991 and love every inch of the region.
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2 Responses to Oregon Coast – Tillamook to Lincoln City

  1. Kelly (mimi) says:

    Helen, LOVE to see your posts!! I’m on the eastern end of the US. maybe a little over an hour from the sea coast. I’m wishing I could see your grandsons face when he saw the ocean for the first time! You and your daughter have given him a great gift. I’m wondering tho, what is Poke? It looked good….Thanks Helen for sharing your end of the country. It’s a great country and has so many diverse wonders. Blessing to you and yours! Kelly

    • Helen Fern says:

      poke (pronounced po-kay) is an Hawaiian dish made with raw fish and seasonings. It’s typically made with tuna, but ours was salmon. It is totally delicious.

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