Ninkasi Brewery

On our way home from Crater Lake we stopped in Eugene for some nourishment – and some beer!  My husband wanted to check out the Ninkasi brewery.


It’s a fairly small tasting room, but it has a nice outdoor seating area.  They don’t serve food, but there are a couple of food carts across the street.  You can get some food and bring it over to have with your beer.  The options were Sushi Burrito (not what you think.  Instead of sushi slices, it’s the whole roll you eat with your hands like a burrito).  We hit the Sandwich League.  20160817_124934_1471697968989_resized

We ordered the Shroomy Fries with bacon-fries with caramelized onions and mushrooms.  They  were great, but I suggest forgoing the bacon.  There was so little on there, we actually thought they forgot it.  When they said it was there we looked.  Teeny tiny pieces so small they were barely visible.  You can’t see ’em – you can’t taste ’em.


But the beer at Ninkasi was great.    They had a few seasonals and one special (with very little left – and very spendy).   A few too many IPAs, but that seems to be the norm lately.


The people behind the counter were fabulous!  They answered every question (and my husband had a lot!) with excitement and enthusiasm for their product.

I have a glass of the Maiden the Shade – a refreshing summer IPA.  My husband likes the darks.  He had a glass of the N10, the anniversary batch.  It’s a higher alcohol so he could only get the small glass, but it was GOOD!



Overall – great experience!!  Try to hit it if your in downtown Eugene, Oregon!



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