National Take a Hike Day

Did you know tomorrow is National Take a Hike day?  Well, neither did I until a few days ago, but what a perfect day for the Pacific Northwest!  Yes, I know it’s raining right now, but when does that stop us Northwesterners?  As my sister told me when we moved here, in Oregon you don’t tan, you rust – and I’ve come to embrace rusting!


The American Hiking Society established National Take a Hike day to encourage people to get out and experience the wild – to savor the journey and not the destination.

The Pacific Northwest has thousands of miles of hiking trails, from rugged to easy, and all surrounded by the beauty of the region.  For you die hard hikers, the Pacific Crest Trail is part of that number.  (PCT extends from Mexico to Canada covering every kind of terrain you can think of).

Here are some of the places I’ve hiked (I’m an easy trail kind of girl) that you can make as a day trip even with your kids!

Silver Falls, Silverton Oregon

Silver falls has a loop trail the call the Trail of Ten Falls – because you can view all ten falls!   It’s a long hike that I have never completed.  I’ve started at one end of the Canyon trail,  hiked about half way around and then went back.  I’ve done that from both ends, so I’ve seen all the falls.  The park itself is beautiful and has great picnic areas.  There is also an area that tells you about the history of the area – and check out some of the events they have!  A lot of fun!

The bridge from the cabins to the camping area (and the main park)


Multnomah Falls

There are a number of falls throughout the Columbia River Gorge – some of them require a long hike, some a short hike, some no hike at all, they are just there!  But they are all beautiful.  You can choose how much effort you want to put out!


Brown’s Camp Area (Rogers Camp and University Falls)

If you take Hwy 6 through the coastal range, somewhere between Portland and the Coast (Oregon), you come to the Brown’s Camp/Roger’s Camp Entrance.  There are ATV trails, so sometimes you can hear them, but most of the time it’s quite and all of the time it’s beautiful.  We like to walk the loop from the lower road and around – and we enjoy the trail that is for the mountain cyclist.  If you use that trail, remember to step aside and let them through when you see them!

Mt. Rainier

When we went to Mt. Rainier, we drove the loop from the South entrance up to the North (and then we went on to Seattle).  The scenery was spectacular!  My favorite place was the Alpine Meadow.  I wouldn’t exactly call it a hike, but it was fun to walk through.  When we got there, most of the blooms were gone, but it was still beautiful.  Here are some photos from that area:

Heading up the trail

Heading up the trail

At the alpine meadow








A marmot - AKA, Ground hog

A marmot – AKA, Ground hog

So head out for a hike this week and enjoy your hiking experience!  Discover the beauty of the journey!




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