McMenamins Old Church and Pub

Image   McMenamins Old Church and Pub (photo from Google), a place for great beer and friendly service!

For those of you unfamiliar with the McMenamins, a couple of brothers started their first pub in 1974.  Since then, they have purchased a number of historic properties and created unique pubs and hotels.  Check then out here.

The Old church pub is adjacent to an old church that was built in 1911.  They have restored the building and use it for a variety of activities, including weddings.  Visit their website for more of the history.

My husband and I stopped by on Saturday to take a step out of the Oregon heat.  Dennis had a pint of the terminator stout, his favorite.


Since I’m gluten free (yes, I know whiskey is not a good idea), I opted for a shot of one their own distilled beverages, Monkey Puzzle.  It is dry-hopped whiskey sweetened with blackberry honey from the hives on site.  It is one of my favorites and this pub is one of the few that sell the distillery items to take home!  I got my pint!

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We chatted with the assistant manager, Jordan, who told me about their take on the Paloma  (fresh squeezed grapefruit and lime juice, simple syrup, tequila and a splash of soda) – La Paloma.  It is the traditional paloma with pomegranate  liqueur. Next time we visit we’ll be doing a comparison and I’ll let you know about it!  We’ll try some of the food on that visit too!

It was a pleasant visit in a place we will return to.  


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  1. My sister in law worked there years ago!

  2. Sounds like a very interesting place.
    Thanks for sharing !

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