Lincoln City Wild Mushroom Cook-off

Yesterday we headed off to the Oregon Coast – the Itinerary?  Gather some wild mushrooms and then go to the Wild Mushroom cook-off for ideas.  The results?  No mushrooms to gather (some nice hiking though), and a very crowded cook-off at the Lincoln City Culinary Center!



There were four restaurants represented, each offering a different dish – Cream of mushroom soup (quite good), wild mushroom gnocchi, which took second place – and my grandson said was fabulous (I can’t eat gluten),  


wild mushroom bread pudding (the first place winner) and mushroom stew.  20141011_111835

Each sample was only 75 cents – and there was beer and wine to purchase if you wanted to get a whole meal (also available for sale).  We missed the cooking demonstrations, but I was really excited to see they were selling mushrooms! (Remember, we didn’t find any)


We were able to purchase both golden and white chanterelles, lobster mushroom and some coral fungi!



After perusing until my husband simply wanted away from the crowds, we headed over to the McMinnimin’s lighthouse restaurant – Burgers, salads, oyster po’ boy, oyster shooters (my ultimate favorite) and yes, a shot of whiskey!


The final stop, right off Hwy 18 headed toward Newberg, this fantastic barn of fresh produce – apples, tomatoes, peppers, greens!  And rather picturesque too!


Well, the mushroom cook-off is over for this year, but they’ll be doing a Chowder cook-off in November at the outlet mall – Check it out!  (And maybe you can try the mushrooms next year!)


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