It’s Blackberry Time

One of the things I’ve loved about Oregon is the blackberry season. They grow everywhere!IMG_7844

Growing along just about every road in the Pacific Northwest, these berries are not native to the area.  The Himalayan blackberry was introduced in 1885 by Luther Burbank.  After exchanging seeds with India, he named one of his largest seedlings the Himalaya Giant.  Little did he know it would come to be known as a noxious weed!  Once they start they are incredibly difficult to remove!


But I say that’s lucky for me!  I can go out along any back road and pick up some sweet treats!  So next time you’re in the Pacific Northwest in August, bring your berry basket! IMG_7739d


About Helen Fern

I live in the upper Willamette Valley with my amazing husband and four very spoiled cats - three adopted feral cats and one shelter baby. We have lived here since the dawn of 1991 and love every inch of the region.
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10 Responses to It’s Blackberry Time

  1. Astrid says:

    I love blackcurrants, although I love redcurrants even more. My parents grow both and they made blackcurrant lemonade last year.

  2. Min says:

    I just sat down to a morning blog read…after picking another 3gal of blackberries from the monstrous bramble in the back corner of my property. So far this season I’ve made 13 half pints of jam, 10 half pints jelly, 6 gallons of wine, 4 pies, 3 flats of pie bars, 4 gallons of agua fresca zarzamora. I still have another 22gal of berries in the freezer as well.

    The season is bountiful!

  3. Michelle says:

    I used to love blackberries, and I want to love them still.
    However, my gums have become sensitive to the seeds.
    I loved blackberry jam. I do buy seedless blackberry jam.
    But, it’s not the same.

  4. Deana says:

    Love blackberry cobbler and now I’m craving it! I wish they grew on every roadside around here! Beautiful blog!

  5. I love blackberries and would love to pick them myself. Thanks for the mini history lesson!

  6. I would love to gather a basket and go picking. Years ago, we picked raspberries on the mountain side up Cedar Canyon they tasted so good right off the bush, we never made it home with any that I remember.

    Thanks for stopping by this weekend, enjoy yours!

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