Gilgamesh Brewery

20150101_124719Hiding in an industrial complex in Salem, Oregon, is one of the best breweries I’ve been in for awhile – Gilgamesh Brewery!

You have to pay attention or you’ll drive right by.  It’s tucked inside an industrial complex on Madrona.   20150101_132746

Once inside, it’s a room with tables and a gorgeous bar – the woodworking was all done by the owner – 20150101_125355

We pulled up a chair at said bar and ordered our beers –



My husband ordered the Eastside Bandit Aged Porter – a rich, dark beer.  I had the Radtke Grapefruit Radler; a grapefruit infused ale20150101_124747

– sounds strange I know, but it was quite good and very unique (although it was more like a greyhound cocktail than a beer).

The beer was great – the food was great – and the service was fantastic!

It also has a rather interesting story.  Gilgamesh was the King of Uruk, Mesopotamia between 2800 and 2500 BC.  The brewing of beer can be traced back all the way to Mesopotamia.  Brewers were considered highly in society and protected by the deities (mostly women – the deities and the brewers!).  The symbol used by the brewery, the conical shape, is a representation of the symbols used for the vats that beer was brewed in. Read the Epic of Gilgamesh for more on this!

Well that’s just a novices memory of what I was told about the name of the place – if you go, they have the whole story written out – a very interesting history and perfect name for a great brewery!



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