DIY Easter Candle Holders

Yikes!  Easter is only one week away!  I’ve got my eggs dyed and my Easter linens out.  All I need now is to get those candle holders ready for some fun.


I don’t recommend this decoration for real candles.  I have an electronic candle in this holder.

Pinch the bottom off the peeps so they stick and put them around the outer edges of a large glass candle holder.  20150328_044446 20150328_044810



Fill the center with paper Easter grass and set your candle firmly in the middle.  If you want to use a real candle, fill the center with jelly beans.


You can also fill the bottom of any clear glass candle holder with Easter candy.  I used pastel candy corn in this one.  You can use jelly beans too.  (And any candy works with real candles).

IMG_1782 IMG_1781

Then get all those vintage bottles out, fill them with flowers and our Easter display is ready!

20150330_071338_resized 20150330_071323_resized








Come back on Wednesday for a list of some Easter egg hunts going on this week.  In the mean time, light up some candles and relax for a bit!



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