Cranberries, Cranberries, Cranberries!

There are five states in the US that produces cranberries, two of them being Oregon and Washington.   Although the North West production only accounts for a small amount of the total barrels produced (about 500,000 of the roughly 8,500,000 estimated in 2014),  I still find it pretty awesome that they grow here!  According to the Northwest Specialties, it is a native plant to Washington state.  Bandon beach in Oregon (one of my favorite beaches by the way) has a Cranberry Festival each year in September.  So, when I make my sauce, I try to find berries grown locally (but the recipe works just a great with Eastern or Midwestern berries too!)

Here are three different sauces to try!  Click on the link to read more!

Cranberry Sauce, three ways!




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