Cracked Pots Recycled Art Show – 2015


Spent the day with my hubby at McMenamin’s Edgefield browsing the Crack Pots Recycled art show.  Some great artistry represented!  You still have tonight and tomorrow to get there!  Here is some of the work you can see…..

My first purchase of the days was at Chris Tymoshuk’s booth.  She makes flowers from old cans and these amazing lanterns!  You can also find her work at Tymoshuk Studios on etsy.


Tymoshek Studios

Ta-Dah  was a great booth, one of a kind, reclaimed glass creations.  Old bowling balls covered in glass – a variety of colors and designs!bowling balls


There were some great paper-mache pieces, but the artist didn’t have any cards!

bird doll


We stopped at the booth of Brian Echerer  – beautiful pieces made from old bicycle parts and glass.  As you looked at each piece you could see how labor intensive it was – just beautiful!

gear glass

Another piece that caught my eye was the metal sculpture fisherman, and the story of Steely Dan…. IMG_2945IMG_2947

Glass Mosaic was all over the place, but this particular artist stood out.  Marvelous Mosaic by Kory Dollar

glass mosaic


There was so much to see!  Here are some more examples of the artistry there:







We also watched glass blowers creating some pieces –



And how do you end your day at McMenamin’s brewery?  With beer of course – and some of their interesting mixes –


I had a Rubberhead – that’s a blend of the Ruby, a fruity ale with raspberries and the Hammerhead pale ale, McMenamin’s classic beer!  My husband had a bloody bunny – yes, that’s what I said.  It’s the Ruby with the Black Rabbit Porter, a rich beer with caramel and chocolate overtones – together a raspberry richness in your mouth!

If you’re in the area tomorrow and have the time, you really should stop!










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  1. Hi Helen, what an interesting “Fair” to attend, so many different, interesting and unusual art objects, its amazing there are so many talented people.

    Thanks for stopping by to share on Friday Features this week!!
    Hope you have a beautiful week!

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