Camping at the North Santiam Park

It was hot out last weekend – but it was beautiful!  We headed out to find a campground and got lucky enough to secure the last site in this one – one of only a few that was still allowing open fires!


Located east of Salem in Oregon, the North Santiam campground is located on the Santiam River.


The campsites are all walk in:


There are flush toilets and potable water available.

Here is our site (#1) looking out toward the path –


The river is just a short walk away.


We set up camp and settled into the task of relaxing!

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Saturday morning I was up bright and early.  Got the campfire and the coffee going.  There is nothing like coffee in an old fashioned percolator on the open fire.  Breakfast menu – Bacon, pancakes and fresh picked blackberries


Fishing is allowed on the river.


And did you know there are fresh water clams?  I didn’t!  But they were delicious!  We steams some and sauteed some in butter and lemon pepper to have with our marinated beef! (Recipe to follow)



While the younger guys were out trying to catch fish (no fish, but they rescued a swimmer!), us old folks sat around doing nothing.

20150801_124907-1 IMG_2980

For dinner we had a london broil that had been marinated for five days.  Threw that puppy on the grill, sauteed potatos with onions and mushrooms, some of those fresh clams and a salad!  Delicious dinner!


My grandson tried to convince his friend to try the clams, but he wasn’t successful.  No worries – more for us!



Click here for the steak recipe:




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I live in the upper Willamette Valley with my amazing husband and four very spoiled cats - three adopted feral cats and one shelter baby. We have lived here since the dawn of 1991 and love every inch of the region.
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  1. It looks like you had a great time. We loved driving through Oregon last year. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing your post at the #AnythingGoes Link Party.

  2. Linda says:

    Thanks for sharing the northwest with us. Best wishes for a great summer. Linda @Crafts a la mode

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