Brewery Hopping!

Here are a couple of really good breweries –  One in Oregon City and one in Salem!

Let’s start with Salem – The Santiam Brewery is hidden away on 19th Street – an unremarkable building you could pass right by if you weren’t looking.  But don’t pass it up – it’s a great pub!  

Their signature beer is the Pirate Stout – aged in stout with just a hint of coconut and totally delicious!
Sitting by the bar, you can see right into the brewery –

We didn’t eat here, but the food that came out to other people looked pretty darned good.  They have burgers and fries, soups and salads and .other tasty delights served from the Black Sheep Kitchen.

And now, traveling north to Oregon City – right downtown off Main Street, is the Oregon City Brewing Company.  They have a huge number of beers brewed on site and another whole list of guest beers on tap.  They also have kambucha, soda and hard ciders!

 I enjoyed a pint of Hank’s Marionberry – delicious!

And you can get some really good dogs and fries~

And if those don’t get you interested,  try the wurst fries!!  They cover a big batch of fries with sausage and other amazing goodies! 

The food is prepared by OP Wurst – 19 different dogs!

So if you’re in the area of either of these pubs – check ’em out!  You won’t be sorry!


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I live in the upper Willamette Valley with my amazing husband and four very spoiled cats - three adopted feral cats and one shelter baby. We have lived here since the dawn of 1991 and love every inch of the region.
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  1. CraftyHope says:

    Pirate Stout!? That sounds like my beer for sure! Actually, both of the brews you got sound like something I would order too. Sounds like you had a fun day!

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